The Group RIZZO intends quality policy as the set of the following:


CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT(LEAN THINKING) is mean how to think and plan every day a new and low-cost way to work a certain product by reducing lead times in the various processes with quality unchanged. This philosophy is consistently applied to all GROUP RIZZO's processes creating value and satisfaction for customers.

COSTUMER SERVICE is mean not only as a business relationship but also as a relationship with the various needs of customers in the processing of brass. Over the years, we have increased our range of treatments, mainly due to the ability to listen to the problems and speed in solving them. Our commitment as a company, is to keep following the path as much as possible and to expand our range of treatments brass in order to offer our customers amazing works of more and more articles.

QUICK DELIVERIES are one of our strengths, we know how important it is for our customers to have certain timing and rapid delivery for this reason as a company we have invested and continue to invest on qualified staff who can work in an efficient manner and we continue to invest on machines that allow a considerable saving of time.

THE FLEXIBILITY OF MACHINING enables us to work any particular brass, which is made in bar, stamping or fusion.